More and more businesses are turning to the wireless network as part of or their entire IT infrastructure, where super-fast speed is not critical and ultra secure networks aren’t the major concern wireless is an extremely efficient and effective way to expand you network infrastructure. Below are some of the advantages we have found to implement a wireless solution.



1. Increased mobility with access to the network system means that people are not tied to one place and can access relevant information anywhere within the building as long as the wireless system is installed correctly.


2. With the increase of BYOD (bring your own device) with the likes of smart phones, tablets and even your own laptop, this capability to connect to the corporate network is a large factor for deployment.


3. Increased productivity by the very fact that employees are able to be mobile it means quicker collaboration with other parts of the business/facility. Also people using their own devices tend to do work in their own time with no thought.


4. Scalability is almost infinite with a wireless network and less time consuming and disruptive than a cabled network.


5. Guest use is a big plus and simple to carry out for other visiting colleagues from different facilities to visiting guests, access can be given immediately no more waiting for the IT department. To issue user-name and passwords, it can be done within the configuration of the wireless software


6. VOIP Voice over IP means that it is now possible to make phone calls over the network and depending on what country and services you have these calls are free, and as with all technology the QoS is high.


7. Cost Effectiveness of using wireless technology rather than having a hard wired network is now a big question for deployment. The larger the network, both in terms of area and users, the more expensive a hard wired network will be to install. It’s not just the amount of cabling, but the actual cost of the labour to install the raceways, and chase the cabling all through the premises; through walls, up and down different floors etc. Once a wireless network is in place, it is not a major undertaking to add to the system.


All things being considered, there are many significant advantages in having a wireless network in place, rather than a wired network. Many companies are now introducing a limited or selective wireless network alongside their existing hard wired connection, in order to reap the benefits of both worlds.


System 4 our fully trained wireless installers are there from initial survey to AP deployment to ensure the maximum coverage for the least outlay, from a single AP to network requirements of any size we use the latest wifi signal mapping technology which means we are able to determine the correct number of AP’s to ensure the coverage you want is what you get.


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Want a quote or need more information? Use the form below. Alternatively you can call us on 01952 585945 or email info@system4ltd.co.uk