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Network Infrastructure



When we talk about infrastructure we are talking about a structured cabling system whether that is in copper or fibre, cat5e up to and including cat7. All our solutions are installed to the current standards which are the ISO, CENELEC - EN standards & TIA.


By specifying and installing to a specific standard you are assured that your system requirements of today and of tomorrow will be catered for and whatever hardware you choose to add will be supported.



Further benefits of these standards include:


Consistency of design and installation

Conformance to physical and transmission line requirements

An ability to add and move your infrastructure points while maintaining the network integrity

Uniform documentation for maintaining the system


Every structured cabling system is unique this is due to variations within the building structure, the function required of the cabling system based on the current and future equipment to be placed on the system. To ensure that your cabling infrastructure is both fast and reliable it is no longer enough to rely on products alone you require an integrator who can deliver to your business needs. When it comes to network design, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing the integrator who can!


System 4 can guide you through this decision making process and recommend the most suitable solution for your business. Taking into consideration your applications for today and tomorrow, we can advise on a number of factors from uutp or ftp from cat5e to cat 6 or 6a dependant on what your network requirements are in terms of performance. We partner with major manufactures to bring you a system with longevity ensuring the best possible return on investment.

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